Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

For everyone who didnt know that Abraham Lincoln was a vampire hunter check out his video!! Youll never think of him the same way again….. Watch out Edward….. Twilight will soon be over!!! =D

By trollzilla12

No one messes with Panda Cheese

No one messes with Panda Cheese.. Make sure you buy cheese. Panda Cheese he will do anything to make sure you do! Check out this video showing you why!!



This is one of the funniest things in the world!!!!

By trollzilla12

George Bush has the precious!!


George Bush is a clear LOTR fan (Lord of the Rings) look at that man wearing his ring and all.

This is probably whats going through his head “IM INVISABLE!!!….I hope..”

By trollzilla12

Men Get Abused by Women, No one helps a man in need

I ealier found a video on Youtube.com that was some what disturbing. It isnt fair to see how people can not help a man inneed, i understand that women are more unable to protect themselve when facing a large man yet many women abuse there boyfriends/husbands. Watch this video and post a commment and let me know what you think of the situation, also dont forget to vote on the poll.

By trollzilla12

BREAKING NEWS!!! Justin Bieber Arrested (JK)


Girl Arrested for flashing kids at beach and stealing the football!

Popular belief that Justin Bieber is a girl and  is horrible by stealing their ball! Kids were only 10 years of age. Disturbed by what they saw i believe these kids are scared for life by this very unfortunate event. When police caught to the Young Girl and through into the back of the crusier and took her down to the station for further questioning.


By trollzilla12

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